Every Corner of the World Needs Redemption



The Church isn’t organized religion. It’s not an institution. It’s not a building or a weekly event. It’s the organic gathering of God’s people in true community. It’s the living, breathing, transforming demonstration of our Creator’s love to the world.


But in the 2,000 years since its inception, over 40% of the world population lacks access to gospel.


There are over 6,000 Unreached Unengaged People Groups (UUPGs) across the world. Communities and villages consisting of 3.1 billion people who are far from God, and no one is actively sharing the gospel with them.

In every far corner of the world, there are countries with no churches, no Christians, and no Bibles. Places that are unfamiliar, or new to the Gospel, like:  

  • India, where the culture is 100% Hindu and conversion from the faith is considered a threat to peace.

  • Uganda, where stories of grief prevail, and God has turned those stories into hope and redemption.

  • Mexico, where it’s more prevalent to seek protection and community in a drug cartel than in Jesus.

  • Tanzania, where teaching about water sanitation can lead to Kingdom impact.

So how do communities hear, grow, and adopt the Gospel for their own? How do people come to know, and serve their creator?


Following the Disciples’ Example…

It started in the upper room of a small house in Jerusalem. A small group of Christ-followers had just watched Jesus ascend back into Heaven. Before leaving, he made his mission for them clear.

“Go tell the world.”

Soon after, Pentecost happened. The Holy Spirit broke into their lives, transforming this small, timid group of counter-cultural disciples into bold advocates for the Gospel. The message quickly spread across the city.  When their efforts brought about persecution, it only fueled the fire.

Christians fled into the surrounding regions, starting new churches, which started even more. Men like Paul, Peter, and John carefully mentored new believers appearing all over the known world.


The local church is the vehicle by which God has chosen to restore this world.

Today, billions of Christians across the globe gather in community on a weekly basis for worship, encouragement, and accountability. Some meet in beautiful cathedrals while the persecuted huddle together in abandoned fields or in basements. They follow the teachings of Jesus, worship him, and take the message beyond their walls.  

The local church is the vehicle by which God has chosen to restore this world. Over and again, from Jerusalem to Ephesus, the Bible shows us what a small group of dedicated followers can do together to change their communities. The past 2,000 years of human history have proven it too. God’s people, manifested through the local church, have shaped some of the most influential movements in history, from the fall of communism to the westward expansion of the United States.  

How will we react to a great need, and the rich example of the early church?


e3 Partners exists to make the local church accessible to everyone, everywhere. We dream, plan, and work towards a world where the Body of Christ and its life-saving message is available to every person on the planet.

We send Christians to the pioneering edge of the mission field, spread hope among the unreached, and leave behind vibrant, transforming local churches that do the same. It’s the gospel gone viral through God’s people.

In training locals to share the gospel with their neighbors, we see powerful results. Like the treehouse. The one church that became five. The church that overcame suffering and persecution. That desired to worship the King more than anything on this earth.

The desire to draw near to God and spread the Gospel remains steadfast. With just $13, you can equip someone to share the Gospel and plant churches.

Jeff Johnston